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LEGOLAND Windsor Resort launches Europe’s first theme park checkout-free store powered by Zippin

Zippin and Aramark UK have partnered with LEGOLAND Windsor Resort to launch Europe’s first checkout-free store in a theme park. The store, which recently opened for the 2024 season, lets resort guests grab items without having to join a queue.

DUPLO Coffee Co, located in DUPLO Valley, sells a variety of sandwiches, snacks, coffee, and other drinks.

It was converted into a Zippin powered store where guests can enter with a credit card or mobile wallet, take what they want, and exit.

There are no checkout lines and no stopping to scan purchases. Guests are automatically billed for what they take as they exit.

Helen Milligan-Smith, CEO at Aramark UK, comments: “We are committed to elevating the customer experience. Partnering with Zippin to launch DUPLO Coffee Co represents an exciting milestone in entertainment hospitality.”

“The adoption of this autonomous approach helps meet the needs of guests who want to make the most of their visit to the theme park.”

“Providing flexible food and drink options with ease and efficiency means guests can do just that – focus on making memories with their loved ones across LEGOLAND Windsor Resort. We look forward to seeing how visitors respond to this new format.”

Morgan Edwards, Hotel and Commercial Director, LEGOLAND Windsor, says: “We are thrilled to partner with Aramark UK and Zippin to introduce DUPLO Coffee Co at LEGOLAND Windsor Resort.”

“The cutting-edge concept aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing an exceptional guest experience.”

“Zippin makes a lot of sense for theme parks that attract thousands of guests per day,” says Krishna Motukuri, CEO and Co-founder at Zippin.

“High traffic retailers that convert their traditional stores to Zippin technology often see revenue increases of 78% or more. Perhaps more importantly, visitors can enjoy the park’s dining options without waiting in line, so they have more time to ride rides, see shows, and do more during their park visit.”

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