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Last Week’s Top Stories

What’s better than President’s Day? The top stories of Retail, curated by Retailwit.

  • Experts weigh in on private label’s future – we have come a long way from the humble roots of Private Label from the lowest cost “generic” or “knock off” of national brand to today as some of the most powerful and fastest growing brands today.
    Link here.
    • Target’s activewear brand generates $1B in first year. Link here.
    • Kroger’s Simple Truth moves into beauty. Link here.
  • Five months in, Walmart+ is exceeding expectations – ~13% of Walmart shoppers are walmart+’ers. Analysts expected 10 million members EOY, and they’re already at 7.5 million.
    Link here.
  • Ocado’s game plan for 2021 assumes no going back for online grocery shopping. It is go time for Kroger. The first Ocado shed is opening up shortly (first shipments have already arrived, it opens any day now). The interesting thing to watch is how this works with (or replaces) Instacart.
    Link here.
  • Ahold Delhaize USA updates health, sustainability goals. “According to company research, 43% of consumers now consider sustainability as “extremely important,” up from 28% “ – the tipping point for sustainability is when it impacts the bottom line in a significantly positive way. We are almost there.
    Link here.
  • The data arms race continues for many brands, and the ones who are more transparent with how they are using it (hopefully to benefit the end consumer) will likely be the most trusted ones. Reminds us of the Seinfeld episode with Jerry at the car rental counter, “Anybody can COLLECT data, but then you have to USE the data”.
    Link here.
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