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KISS launches ‘imPRESS Yourself’ campaign

MELVILLE, NY — KISS Products Inc. recently launched the “imPRESS Yourself” advertising campaign featuring the “imPRESS Express.” The international multimedia campaign, developed by the EGC Group , offered a first-of-its-kind showcase to demonstrate the speed and ease-of-use for both the imPRESS Press-on Manicure and the imPRESS Press-On Falsies. EGC said its mission was to create ads that would entertain, inform, and engage consumers to generate awareness, product buzz, brand interest, and sales.

EGC devised an innovative ‘elevator’ concept to convey the speed and convenience in applying these imPRESS product lines.

“Our campaign idea was centered around an elevator,” said Christie Bacchioni, Account Supervisor for EGC Group. “This was no ordinary elevator; it was the ‘imPRESS Express’—an immersive beauty pod that helps quickly communicate the ease and speed of application featuring a truly innovative product. The twist is that when unsuspecting consumers enter, they have 30 floors to apply new lashes or new nails.”

KISS has been a client of EGC Group for seven years.

“We have always worked collaboratively with the KISS team to build both beautiful and successful campaigns, and this one is no exception,” said Rich DeSimone, VP, Creative Director of EGC Group. “We wanted to create something that can serve as a cornerstone for an ongoing campaign which allows us to communicate all the great product benefits to new users. As we continue to look at the concept evolution, we are developing extensions beyond TV and digital to maximize reach and drive new users to try the products.”

This is the first campaign to take both lash and nail products in the imPRESS® portfolio and combine them under one campaign.

“We needed an idea that could work for two completely different product lines—nails and lashes,” DeSimone explained. “We felt that the amazing self-stick technology and ‘no-glue’ message is something that drove the core thinking behind the concept.”

After a three-month bidding competition among multiple agencies that concluded last December, the EGC won this campaign. Upon completion of consumer-focus testing, KISS selected EGC’s concept as the winning idea. Within a matter of months, EGC produced the video assets that consisted of linear TV, connected TV (CTV), a variety of social media platforms (such as Meta, TikTok, YouTube and Snapchat), along with streaming radio (including Pandora and Spotify.)

The EGC Group worked with the production company, Unreasonable. The video content was part of a three-day shoot and directed by Maya Margolina. The content may be seen on the imPRESS® Falsies website: https://www.impressbeauty.com/pages/impress-express-falsies, the imPRESS® Manicure website: https://www.impressbeauty.com/pages/impress-express-nails, and the imPRESS Beauty TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@impressbeauty.

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