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Hungryroot’s Chief Digital Officer on Balancing Marketing Art and Data Science

Alex Weinstein is equally passionate about marketing and data science, and he’s putting that passion to good use as Chief Digital Officer of Hungryroot. 

Although one could easily lump Hungryroot in with other grocery delivery services, the company is investing heavily in artificial intelligence to power customer-facing touch points as well as back-end operations. During this episode of Retail Remix, Alex shares: 

  • Hungryroot’s key differentiators in the fast-evolving digital grocery space; 

  • The company’s top customer experience priorities, from personalization to mobile app design;

  • How Hungryroot uses behavioral data and zero-party insights to power back-end operations; and 

  • How AI is helping Hungryroot tackle food waste and reduce environmental impact. 


  • Learn more about Hungryroot
  • Read the latest on artificial intelligence (AI) 

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