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Heineken taps Blue Yonder retail technology as beer brand looks to improve demand planning

Heineken has announced a supply chain planning capability partnership with Blue Yonder.

The global brewer will implement Blue Yonder Cognitive Demand Planning, a cloud native, microservices-based SaaS solution, that utilises artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to improve forecast accuracy and reduce bias by considering dynamic external and internal variables.

Heineken has been implementing Blue Yonder solutions for multiple years.

It has selected the company as one of its current major supply chain solution providers, as it looks to future proof its demand planning process and leverage AI/ML, autonomous scenario planning, planning process orchestration and solution extensibility.

“We want to continuously improve our supply chain processes and adopting Blue Yonder Cognitive Demand Planning is an important step in that ambition,” says Corneel Hindriks, Manager, Digital & Technology – Global Planning, .

“Working together with Blue Yonder will support us in our ambition to become the best connected brewer and foster functional excellence in demand planning, leading to improved customer experience.”

“And with the right supply response it could generate a positive impact on our sustainability targets as well, for example by reduced write-offs and less goods movements.”

“We are proud to bring our contribution as supply chain management leaders in supporting Heineken’s mission to become the best connected brewer,” says Terry Turner, President, Manufacturing, Blue Yonder.

“Our future-proof solution helps a brewer like Heineken to adapt to new external dynamics and changing market conditions, ensuring their supply chains remain agile, sustainable and competitive.”

“Thanks to Blue Yonder Cognitive Demand Planning, it can optimise its supply chain and ensure that customers can always enjoy their preferred beers and beyond all over the world.”

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