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Exceptional Branding All Boils Down to Creating an Experience

Dried pasta should be so easy to cook and yet, somehow, that delicious al dente texture Italian restaurants so effortlessly perfect often seems to elude even the biggest pasta fans. Leave the pan boiling for 30 seconds too long or too little, and it seems you either end up with overcooked mush or a bowl of something crunchy and inedible for dinner.

Not sure how long to cook your pasta so it is perfectly al dente? Just wait until the tunes run out.

Barilla’s Spotify playlists last exactly as long as you should cook pasta.

Each has been curated to match the ideal cooking time for a specific noodle.

The playlists—which have names like ‘Mixtape Spaghetti’ and ‘Moody Day Linguine’—all run for nine to 11 minutes, depending on the pasta shape and based on the cooking instructions on the back of the box.

At LINK Training & Consulting, we define a brand as

a promise, elevated to an experience, and delivered consistently

In our opinion, Barilla’s ‘Playlist Timer’ is an outstanding example of branding that delivers on this definition. Any microwave or smartphone timer can do the job, but ‘Playlist Timer’ on Spotify adds a bit more fun to the cooking process. It turns the waiting into a chance to listen to good music, entertain yourself, and discover the covers of the playlists, which are illustrated by eight Italian artists of international caliber.

Ultimately, it elevates the promise of perfectly al dente pasta and delivers a unique and engaging experience.

These are my thoughts on how companies can create stronger brand experiences to connect more strongly with their target audiences. I would love to hear yours.

Thanks for reading.

p.s. If you’d like to connect more strongly with your target audience, I’d love to help. Please message me at Todd@LINKTrainingAndConsulting.com, or call me at (513) 240-8383

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