1. Retail Operations

EX: The Force Multiplier for CX

Will Eadie is in the world of employee experience, also known as EX. He and his company WorkJam believe that a great EX leads to a great CX. 

If that’s the case, why do so many retailers struggle to invest in the right tools and strategies that drive EX? We had Will on Retail Remix to find out. 

Listen to this episode to learn: 

  • What EX entails and why it matters more than ever; 

  • How EX can lead to CX outcomes; 

  • How retailers like JCPenney are seeing success with their EX investments; and 

  • Tips for finding the right tools and partners to support your EX mission and vision.


  • Learn more about how WorkJam supports retailers
  • Get the JCPenney case study
  • Read our coverage of WorkJam’s research with Forrester
  • Read our latest report about employee technology
  • Connect with Will Eadie on LinkedIn
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