The eCommerce & Digital Marketing Expo NORTH is a two-day expo and conference event for the eCommerce and Digital Marketing industry in Greece and the greater Balkan area. It takes place at the Vellideion Conference Center in Thessaloniki, Greece.

The second edition of the event will be held on 11 and 12 February 2023. It is organized by Verticom, who is also organizing the ECDM Expo SE Europe in Athens.

The two-day international conference will present to the public of Northern Greece and the wider Balkan region the best practices from successful online business projects and all modern services and products: e-shop infrastructure, digital advertising, online payments and products shipping.

The event especially welcomes e-commerce executives, business owners, retailers, marketeers and developers.

Exhibitors at the conferences will fall in the following categories: digital agencies, digital payment services, courier and logistics services, and additional services.

Organizer: Verticom

Location: Greece, Thessaloniki – Vellideion Conference Center

Dates: February 11 – February 12, 2023



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