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Dough To Go Looks To Carve Out A Pizza Rome’s Pie Market

The Guardian has a story about a new “24-hour vending machine that dishes out freshly baked pizza in three minutes … Located in a booth on Via Catania, close to Piazza Bologna in Rome, Mr Go Pizza offers up four varieties, including the classic margherita invented in Naples in 1889, each costing between EUR4.50 and EUR6. Customers can watch through a small glass window as the vending machine kneads and tops the dough.”

In operation for about a month, Dough To Go reportedly has sold about 900 pies.

The Guardian writes that “=the concept has been met with a mix of curiosity and incredulity from Roman pizza-lovers in a city filled with street food outlets serving pizza al taglio (pizza by the slice).” The story also says that “there are three other pizza vending machines in Italy – one in Calabria, one in Sardinia and one in Marche – but they are in closed spaces, such as shopping centres, and so Mr Go Pizza is the first that operates around the clock.”

KC’s View:
My initial reaction to this story was horror – how, in Italy of all places, could a culture accept the idea of pizza, one of the world’s greatest pleasures, being made by a machine.

But I now finding myself wondering if there is an entire group of people in Italy that does not adhere to our preconceptions (and illusions?) about Italy and Italians. Many of us think of that culture as being immersed in olive oil and wine and bread and cheese and pasta, where even the most modest kitchen is capable of producing wonderful meals.

Maybe that’s an inaccurate view. Maybe there’s an entire group of people in Italy who make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch, who prefer Diet Coke to chianti, who eat to live instead of living to eat … and who think a pizza vending machine is perfectly acceptable addition to the culture.

I say this as someone who during the pandemic has turned making my own pizza into an almost weekly event – there’s something about hanging out in the backyard, sipping a glass of wine, and waiting for a fresh pizza to come out of the grill.

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