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Direct Mail for Retail Is Alive and Well: How These 5 Retailers Use Direct Mail to Increase Sales

direct mail

Finding new ways to reach customers in an increasingly crowded (and expensive) digital landscape is vital if you want to break through the clutter. 

You may think it’s an antiquated approach, but direct mail for retail is making a comeback. And now there are tools available to automate sending and tracking highly targeted direct mail marketing campaigns in the same way you’d set up email sequences. 

Combining direct mail with your digital marketing strategy has many advantages, including reaching customers who have unsubscribed, increasing repeat business, and standing out from the competition. 

But adding this channel to your marketing mix can feel daunting. That’s why we chatted with direct mail experts, pulled together real-life examples of brands succeeding with direct mail, and laid out some best practices you can follow to create a winning strategy.


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