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Daily QuickWit (9/9) – Top Retail News of the Day

Here’s the important articles that passed our desk today:

AB InBev makes changes to firm’s structure. The changes reflect support of their consumer-first strategy. They’ve added both a CMO role (Benoit Garbe, formerly US Chief Strategy Officer), and Chief commercial officer (Kyle Norrington, formerly President Labatt Brewery). They’ve shifted US Chief Sales officer to Simon Wuestenberg. AB InBev will allegedly be more data-driven, especially in regards to media, digital transformation, and within channels (ie. DTC).

Dollar General focusing on “Health Deserts” for business opportunity. Vasos, CEO, said yesterday that the retailer is going after healthcare (recently hiring a Chief Medical Officer) for one data point: “65% [~10,000] of the company’s stores are located in ‘health deserts”’. The watch out here is that customers that live in these rural and small town areas might not have the means to afford care or the desire to adhere to the treatment. So, it’s a big opportunity and an equally big challenge.

Target’s Shipt announces biggest expansion in years. Shipt will add 1,000 stores, or ~2MM additional HH’s, across the United States from coast (Seattle) to coast (Charlotte). If they can execute, this will be huge—leaning into the customer’s desire for convenience could continue to win Target customers and propel their growth. With other large retailers (Walmart, Kroger, etc) upping their game in this area, Target needs to succeed here.

Walmart consolidates and rolls out new features on shopping app. Reducing customer friction, Walmart is consolidating its search and checkout to a single, universal feature versus two fragmented user journey’s. And, they are partnering with the firm Meredith (Allrecipes, Better Homes and Gardens, etc). It will enable shoppers to more easily search, order, and prepare meals. Nothing new, but our bet is by simplifying the customer experience and pain points, Walmart will see more adoption and increased sales down the line.

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