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Daily QuickWit (9/15) – Top Retail News of the Day & TACOS!

Loyalty Marketing is back in style!  

As retailers and restaurants are trying to deepen engagement with customers as well as deepen insights about their customers (loyalty programs are still the absolute best source of first party data) loyalty marketing, which never went away but took a back seat for several years to more popular terms is back in the spotlight.

Total Retail shared their 2021 loyalty benchmark study.

Who loves tacos!  Taco bell expands it rewards program, which launched a year ago to include a Taco Lover’s Pass which is a 30 day taco subscription. 


Tacos not your thing?  well Jack in the Box also announced a new digital loyalty marketing program. As the CEO of Par Technology Group Savneet Singh said, “Having a frictionless loyalty program is a must for food-service operators to thrive now and into the future,” Par Technology Group is the technology behind the new loyalty program.  

and just a couple weeks ago, Chipotle gamified it’s loyalty program.

Interested in diving deeper into QSR loyalty? PYMNTS has just the research study for you on how How QSR loyalty programs stack up in 2021

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