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Daily QuickWit (6/3)

Somebody get me that number for Old Glory Insurance! For those lost (or too young) on that reference, check out this classic Saturday Night Live ad. Coupled with the recent cyber attacks and drone/robot delivery news, maybe we should all be looking into robot insurance.

All joking aside, there were a couple of big stories today about robots and technology.

Instacart Bets on Robots to Shrink Ranks of 500,000 Gig Shoppers

Walmart giving smartphones to more than 740k workers

Also, Walmart finds another partnership on a new exclusive brand.

Walmart and Gap partner to create a home goods brand

And, finally just because we love a good debate. Our friend Todd Sebastian shared the results of his latest poll.

What is the most iconic brand icon?

Would love to continue this debate over a beer or two, what brand do you think should have won?

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