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Daily QuickWit 6.04 – Yesterday’s Top Stories

Remember when we said we are part of the problem that Amazon is over covered in the media compared to it’s peers?  Well, here we go again. To our defense these are really big moves.

Amazon Ranked No. 1 Investor in America –  In a new study by Progressive Policy Institute (PPI), it found that over the last 12 months, Amazon has invested more in the U.S. than any other American company. In 2020, PPI estimates Amazon invested $34 billion in American infrastructure and created more than 400,000 jobs. In a year where so much of the focus was on out of work Americans, it’s great to see that a company that saw a huge windfall during the pandemic did invest some of that money back in jobs and infrastructure.

Amazon also announced their own third-party identifier this week that could be huge for its ad business as advertisers scramble in a post-cookie world.  In case you missed it Amazon’s add business is already almost *$7B per quarter, expect that number to significantly grow.

(*this number is the total 'other' business so it includes a few other businesses but ad is by far the majority of this number) 

Walmart is giving smartphones to more than 740K workers – Walmart announced Thursday it’s launching Me@Walmart, a new workplace app that allows associates to schedule shifts, clock in, troubleshoot daily tasks and, eventually, replenish products more efficiently.

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