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Daily QuickWit 5.14 – Yesterday’s Top Stories

Physical stores are changing, no kidding. It’s not much of an insight after the year we just had. But, WHO is making WHAT changes is really eye opening. 

Direct to Consumer (DTC) brands have long had very rich and meaningful relationships with their consumers, some of those brands are now looking to open physical stores.

This directly contradicts almost every headline we have read over the past 15 months – about how Walmart, Target, Kroger, Best Buy and countless other physical retailers were making the push to pick up and delivery. While the big stores had to work hard to find solutions to help customers get their products without stepping foot in the store, we have these strong DTC brands heading in the opposite direction.

I guess physical retail isn’t dead after all…

Read more about some top DTC brands making the move in this deep dive from Kaleigh Moore at Shopify – including one brand that makes the unique candles pictured at the top.

In other big news from yesterday:

Food inflation is coming and manufacturers, CPGs and Retailers are going to have to make some tough decisions in the coming months. Read more in this article from Just Food.

Finally, Walmart is making more moves in the apparel channel as they acquire Zeekit – a virtual fitting room company. Another push from the biggest retailer to stake a bigger claim in clothing, this time with a focus on a virtual solution – the big question will be how inventory and fulfillment are handled to make it truly seamless for the end user.

That’s it for a Friday, have a great weekend everyone. I am off to go snag one of those Snoop Dogg candles.


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