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Daily QuickWit (10/8) – Retail News of the Day

Following our main topic this week on supply chain and labor shortages this year. A study released yesterday from UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group) shows that increased pay alone won’t attract employees.

According to the research, 63% of retailers expect 2021 could be the worst hiring season in memory. 

“Retailers need to know it’s not just about compensation,” said Dave Gilbertson, VP at UKG. “It’s about flexibility and showing that you value your associates and are going to keep them safe at work. It’s about training and developing your workforce and making sure people feel that they’re starting a career, versus just working day to day.”

 Walmart’s “GoLocal Delivery” Service finds its first customer

Walmart finds its first major retailer to participate in it’s GoLocal “white label” delivery service announced in August. Home Depot & Walmart announced the partnership last Wednesday.

 As Retailers are both looking for Alternative Revenue streams (commercializing their strengths), as well as others looking for quick reliable delivery this partnership makes sense. Although the world of ‘frenemies’ is quickly getting very blurry and will be interesting to watch. 

Our last story this week in on a really smart and fun program launched by General Mills and Meijer with a Virtual Tailgate Promotion.

Through this online venture, created with e-commerce platform Obsess and part of General Mill’s existing Tailgate Nation program, consumers can move through different virtual spaces, including a kitchen, backyard and the tailgate area around the University of Michigan stadium, to download recipes, watch videos and test their college football knowledge. Users can browse and shop for a variety of products to get their tailgate party started, including items from Meijer and from an array of General Mills brands. In addition, special offers are available for discounts at Fanatics.com.

This brings us to the one major flaw of the program!  The partnership with UM….. being a die hard Ohio State fan that hurts me just a little bit… 🙂


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