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Daily QuickWit (1/19) – Top Retail News of the Day

My self-care routine has a first name, it’s O-S-C-A-R! Apologies to our more ‘experienced’ readers who are now singing the famous jingle, and for those who have no idea what we are referring to check this out and our first story…

Oscar Mayer launches face ‘bologna-inspired’ face masks

Oscar Mayer takes a shot at the self-care space, with the launch of a gag product that was developed with Korean beauty and skincare brand Seoul Mamas and retails for $5 a piece. While resembling Oscar Mayer’s signature cold cut, the face mask contains no actual meat, but does have ingredients intended to promote skin hydration and elasticity, along with anti-inflammatory benefits. You have to love Oscar Mayer playing into the “New Year, New You” mantra centered around self-improvement, but we are going to assume not everyone will feel the same. They are available now, while supplies last!

dunnhumby rolls out customer-first media platform

Retail data science company dunnhumby has rolled out dunnhumby Sphere, an all-in-one customer-first retail media platform. The end-to-end retail media platform takes users from brand insights to campaign billing through a fully integrated set of modules, helping to unify audience targeting, media booking, forecasting and measurement across a range of retail media channels.

Designed for retailers looking to build and grow their retail media capability, Sphere enables them to scale and maximize revenues from retail media, while advertising partners can take advantage of enhanced collaboration and the ability to plan, book, measure and pay for campaigns across online and in-store channels.

Alcohol Delivery to reach $2 billion this year

Online alcohol sales from grocery stores more than quadrupled from an estimated $441 million in 2019 to $1.6 billion in 2021, and sales are expected to grow roughly 15% in 2022, reaching $1.87 billion. The crazy part is that it could have been $3 billion, if sales share matched in-store. Penetration rates of online alcohol sales are catching up to the rest of the CPG industry, but more investment is needed to further gains, the report said.

Amazon to ‘electrify’ their delivery fleet

Often getting slammed for their carbon footprint, Amazon is making a pledge to make half their fleet carbon neutral by 2030. They have made many efforts to improve efficiency, but it does seem like overkill when you see 11 different Amazon trucks come down your street every day – what happened to drone delivery Mr Bezos??

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