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CVS Rage Takes Hold As Shoppers Are “Thrust Into Despair”

The Boston Globe has a piece about “CVS rage,” which it characterizes this way:

“CVS, how do we hate thee? Let us count the ways:

“We dread thine long pharmacy lines, that sometimes end in frustration, with a stressed-looking employee rooting around aimlessly for a bag with your name on it, or informing you that your prescription, which was $8, is no longer covered by insurance, and if you want to challenge the new price tag, ‘You can speak to the pharmacist.’ (Unless the pharmacist is on strike, as they were last fall, along with pharmacists at Walgreens and Rite Aid, to protest working conditions and understaffing.)

“We loathe thine self-service kiosks, barking their robotic commands: Scan item now touch the continue button if finished. Please remove all bagged items. Please wait system is processing. If you have your extra care card please scan it now. Please wait help is on the way.

“We are thrust into despair by thine grim lighting, and prison commissary-chic decor, in which thee have locked the Sensodyne and Rogaine behind bars and made even the holiday candy seem sad.

“Customer service needed in aisle two. Customer service needed in aisle two.”

KC’s View:

Brilliantly written.  And, I think, pretty accurate.

CVS argues that it is investing in both its store experiences and people, and that the complaints that the Globe is hearing are merely anecdotes that don’t reflect customer satisfaction.

I think that’s B.S.

I’ve been arguing here for months years that many CVS stores are barely mediocre shopping experiences that reflect badly on management and suggest that the company has no business trying to extend its footprint in the healthcare business.

I would suggest that before CVS tries to do anything else, it should try to get retailing right.

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