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Creating Value with Vending Machines

“Vending commerce” is joining the contactless commerce conversation. While product vending machines have been a staple in airport terminals for years, Dawn Dickson, Founder and CEO of PopCom, believes implementation will reach new heights in the digital-driven era of retail.  
During this episode, Dawn makes her case for the vending machine’s powerful role in the customer journey. In fact, she believes it will add new value as shoppers look for more seamless and self-guided experiences and retailers seek more in-depth data about their consumers’ omnichannel behaviors. Listen to learn:  

  • How intelligent vending machines work to connect digital engagement and more anonymous in-person experiences; 
  • Different use cases for vending machines from direct-to-consumer and big-name brands alike; and 
  • Why PopCom is harnessing its technology to support struggling spaces and local retailers.  


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