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Consumers Crave Technology for Consumables


is at the intersection of time starved digital native consumers and food sales
that there is a battler for share of stomach between Grocery Stores,
Restaurants, and Convenience Stores all seeking the best technology to edify
their brand with targeted customers Gen Z and Millennials according to Steven

at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions®.

grocery and convenience store professionals got a crash course in all things
tech at the kickoff of Winsight’s first annual RetailTEC conference in Dallas,
with presentations from industry leaders and a robust interactive conversation
between conference attendees.

of the topics ranging from omnichannel shoppers and digital loyalty to
artificial intelligence took center stage with presentations from Dave Weinand,
chief customer officer at data analytics firm Incisiv, and retail strategist
founder of c-store and grocery consulting firm Nexchapter.

presented attendees with the findings of
Incisiv’s “Driving Digital Excellence in Convenience:
2023 Digital Maturity Benchmark
” study, which revealed insights
into convenience and grocery shoppers.

study of customer trends showed that while digital sales have retreated from
their pandemic-era highs, representing 14.4% of all grocery sales in 2022, 81%
of all retail sales were digitally influenced last year. Those brands with a
strong digital presence were most desirable to shoppers, irrespective of whether
they were purchased through a digital channel, he said.

three-quarters of grocers said in the
Incisiv survey that they believe digital
shopping has made customers less loyal, and nearly nine out of 10 grocers (88%)
believe a poor third-party experience, such as from a delivery service,
negatively impacts customer loyalty.

makes loyalty hard to win and easy to lose, according to the report.
Incisiv found that it only takes two bad
experiences for a shopper to leave their preferred brand, but roughly seven
positive experiences are needed, on average, for shoppers to adopt a brand,
Weinand explained.

research also highlighted the importance of cross-selling opportunities for
grocers, showing that nearly half of shoppers (49%) have made unplanned
purchases after receiving personalized recommendations through apps and online
purchases. “Offering cross-selling product recommendations enhances the
shopping experience by suggesting complementary items, simplifying choices and
encouraging additional purchases based on shopper behavior and preferences,”
the report noted.

Monday forum also featured a presentation from
Sebastian of Nexchapter, who as a former tech guru
with Meijer supermarkets and Casey’s convenience stores, brought a nuanced
understanding of both retail formats.

said the traditional lines between grocery, c-stores and restaurants are
blurring with the rapid rise of native digital players like Instacart and
DoorDash. “DoorDash used to be just a food delivery company, and now they’re
delivering everything from every retailer,” he noted, adding, “Someone asked
the question earlier, ‘What do we do if we don’t modernize and add tech?’
[Native digital players like Instacart and DoorDash] are going to continue to
add technology and reshape how consumers live.”

advised attendees to take a broad view of the restaurant, grocery and
convenience industries to get a better understanding of the larger trends.
“I’ve always thought that no matter where I worked, whether it was at Meijer or
at Casey’s, in grocery or convenience, it’s always smart to lift your head up
and look broadly and understand all the trends because again, everything that’s
happening around this impacts the business one way or another,” he said.

advised grocers and convenience store operators to start by determining the
role of technology in their companies. “Step two, once you know the role, make
sure you have an operating model. Do you have the right organizational
structure? Do you have the right resources? Do the resources have the
right job descriptions? Do you have the right meeting cadence to review the
business impact of the technology?” he said.

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