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Company Creates Tech With “Feed Farms, Not Landfills” Pitch

Fascinating piece in Axios about Mill, a new green tech startup that “wants us to rethink what we do with our banana peels, pepper tops and other kitchen scraps.”

Mill is “part hardware startup, part subscription service.  Customers are sent a bin for their kitchen scraps. The bin — which needs to be plugged in to an outlet — dehydrates and mashes scraps into a substance not unlike ground coffee.

“When the bin is full, subscribers can empty the contents into a prepaid mailing box to be sent back to Mill.

“Mill is working with regulators on plans to turn the resulting material into an ingredient for chicken feed — meaning it would be kept in the food cycle, rather than ending up in a landfill … Scraps thrown away in the regular trash often wind up in landfills, where they generate methane, a greenhouse gas.”

Even with the shipping, the company says, the process makes sense – Mill believes it can save “about a half-ton of emissions per household per year.”

Mill also believes it can make an economic argument:  

Founder and CEO Matt Rogers points out that “in a lot of cities around the country, you pay for your trash service, and you pay based on the size of the bin — the bigger the bin, the more you pay. So when you can take the food waste out of the trash, you could downsize your bin and save money.”

KC’s View:

I’d totally do this, and I think this is the kind of tech that food retailers ought to be embracing and even selling to their consumers … here’s a video about how it works:

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