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Casey’s General Store Technology Solutions Make Us Better


Casey’s General Stores
continues looking a customer ahead entering into new technology partnerships
that will reduce ‘pain-points’ for both customers and employees according to
Steven Johnson Grocerant Guru®
at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions®. Casey’s
is upgrading its 
foodservice program with two new technology solutions that will
streamline operations and while adding convenience to the ordering process.

Casey’s first partnered with Jolt to implement a digital
food label content distribution and printing platform across its network. The
digital food labeling system generates printed labels on demand, eliminating
inventory management for dozens of pre-printed label SKUs, while the label
content distribution platform manages label changes at the distribution center
or corporate level, automatically updating labels across all stores without the
costs of pre-printed label inventory.

Brad Haga, senior vice president, prepared food and
dispensed beverage, for Casey’s, stated, “Jolt’s
digital labeling system has transformed the labeling process in our kitchens as
we continue to modernize operations. It allows us to quickly and efficiently
adapt to any recipe or label changes, helping us to simplify the operation of
our kitchens for our hardworking team members,” … “Working with
Jolt has been fantastic — they’re a valued partner in our pursuit of efficiency
and growth.”

The flexibility of Jolt’s label content design and
distribution technology enables large foodservice providers to quickly respond
to changing recipes, nutrition facts and FDA requirements, the company said in
a press release.

Jolt CEO Josh Bird, stated, “Working with Casey’s to
deliver and install over 2,500 label printing stations in under 11 weeks was
amazing. We couldn’t have asked for a better partner, and look forward to
future collaboration on technology that makes their operation even more efficient

Casey’s then launched a system-wide rollout of AVA
(Automated Voice Assistant), a conversational artificial intelligence voice
ordering system powered by SYNQ3 Restaurant Solutions’ SYNQ Voice technology.
AVA enhances the ordering experience for customers by answering every call,
providing convenient reorder options and processing new orders in a natural
conversational interaction.

The c-store chain first initiated a test with SYNQ3 in late
2022 to align with its 
three-year strategic plan to accelerate the off-premise food business and
enhance operational efficiency.

Sanjeev Satturu, chief information officer at Casey’s,
stated, “We are excited to partner with SYNQ3 to give our team members
more time to focus on our guests and operating our stores,” …. “We
are committed to reducing friction on our guests and team members by leveraging
technology to simplify and streamline the ordering experience.”

Yes, Casey’s team members benefit from the streamlined
operational execution that allows them to focus on fulfilling orders and
serving guests in stores, according to the company.

SYNQ3 CEO Steve Bigari, stated, “Casey’s is a brand
synonymous with visionary leadership. Their commitment to customer satisfaction
and quality service is inspiring,” … “Their forward-thinking
leadership and dedication to lead with innovative technologies will
revolutionize off-premise order-taking and continue to reinforce Casey’s as an
industry trailblazer.”

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