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CADS helps Henderson Group to transform its retail space planning with StoreSpace solution

Retail space planning specialist CADS has helped Northern Ireland’s largest Spar retailer and wholesaler, Henderson Group, improve its space management process with StoreSpace.

Henderson Group reached out to CADS following a recommendation from Nielsen, which provides Spaceman planogram technology that partners with StoreSpace.

“Our StoreSpace software makes it easier for retailers to optimise their retail space. Henderson Group has been able to make better informed planning decisions which help boost sales,” says Richard Burford, CADS’ Customer Success Specialist.

StoreSpace is implemented in 101 of Henderson Group’s 105 stores.

It provides the retailer and wholesaler with the platform and data it needs to plan and analyse its retail space. It can also identify areas for improvement, such as categories with too much or too little space.

Since its implementation, the software has helped Henderson Group efficiently make changes to store layouts, as well as access performance insights which enable it to better understand which actions have improved sales and profitability.

“StoreSpace is a great tool for Henderson Group and for convenience retail chains. Its value is in quicker, faster and better decision making. It is influencing what is happening in-store – and we can see which categories we need to flex to optimise sales,” says Terence O’Hagan, Retail Category Development Manager at Henderson Group.

As well as helping to boost profitability, StoreSpace has enhanced collaboration and efficiency within the Henderson Group team.

“Decisions are now based on accurate floor plans with the architectural design team, macro space planning, retail services and our project managers all using the same information to make decisions,” says O’Hagan.

Over the next few years, CADS will continue working with Henderson Group to roll-out the solution in over 400 of its independent stores.


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