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Buy now pay later hits hospitality as Brighton’s Lucky Beach claims industry first

Lucky Beach cafe in Brighton says that it is the first hospitality business in the UK to introduce buy now pay later technology. 

The initiative has seen Klarna working in partnership with storekit to deliver BNPL to the restaurants, cafes, and hotels which comprise the latter’s customer base.

Lucky Beach was the beta client for the integration.

Owner Mike Palmer comments: “The storekit/Klarna integration gives our guests the maximum flexibility with their payments, and we’re really excited to see whether that improves their experience and leads to an uplift in sales.”

storekit CEO Christophe Delacroix says: “By offering 30 days interest free, Klarna easily beats the rates offered by most credit cards with mainstream banks – it’s a smarter way to pay later.”

“We’re really excited to be able to offer Klarna, and especially the first hospitality ordering platform to do so. This is a world first: we’re the only platform to offer this in hospitality. That’s why storekit works for ambitious operators.” 

Like many venues, Lucky Beach introduced mobile ordering during the Covid-19 pandemic.

As a mostly outdoors venue with high table turnover and a casual eating setting, it has done well in this space.

“They’ve been a great client,” says storekit’s Head of Customer Success, Ivo Slezak. “A pleasure to work with. It’s been a really successful roll-out there.” 

storekit also has integrations with software businesses like lightspeed, mailchimp, and Tipjar.

Delacroix comments: “We’ve been building the most flexible product in the space and Klarna is another string to our bow.”

“Klarna has been a great partner – and with a world class integration, we’re excited for more businesses to join Klarna and to join storekit.”

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