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Building a better tomorrow: how technology is helping us solve problems

In the olden days, people didn’t have access to the technological advancements that we do today. Where we can make appointments online, our predecessors had to do everything in person. There was no internet, which meant no access to Google.

Can you imagine having to go to the library and looking for information sources on index cards? As time went on, televisions, cell phones, and other technologies were developed.

Our lives have become easier and more comfortable. Not just that, but technology started being used to solve problems of various natures, building a better tomorrow for everyone.  

Energy and the environment

Today there are technologies available that are energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and cost-saving. Dishwashers and washing machines have eco-cycles that use less energy than normal settings and do less damage to the environment.

Instead of having to rely on fossil fuels to generate energy and do irreversible damage to the environment, there are alternative energy technologies that let us use renewable energy sources to generate energy that will never run out and does not emit greenhouse gases.

Alternative energy methods include solar panels, wind turbines, and tidal power. We can use technology to fight against global warming. 


Technology has advanced communication capabilities in such a way that we can talk to other people over long distances. A lot of communication barriers have been overcome as technology developed over the years. It’s easier to send a quick text message to someone than to send a letter via bird and wait for weeks to get a response.

Socialisation has become so much easier with access to virtual communication tools and social media. Almost all of us have virtual social lives that make it easier to be part of society without having to physically interact with each other. Technology keeps evolving as we do, but for now, we can step into the future with tech deals from Samsung. We can use collaboration platforms to spread awareness about problems that need attention. 


We use different forms and transport to move people and things between different destinations. Using technology, transportation has now become environmentally friendly. Where all cars used to run on fossil fuels, you can buy models that use hybrid systems or electricity instead.

These cars produce a lot less, if any, carbon emissions. Trains have become safer and faster with the transition from steam trains to bullet trains.

A few hundred years ago, the only way to get somewhere was over a couple of days by horse, and now we can fly across oceans in just a few hours. Transportation has also become faster, safer, cleaner, and more efficient.  


It’s not just transportation that has become safer, but other aspects of life too.

Personal and possessional safety has increased with the presence of CCTV and smartphone cameras. It serves as a deterrent for thieves, and should they still steal your possessions or harm you, it is easier to find them with video footage. Digital content is safe due to encryptions and passwords.

Online fraud and cybercrime are reduced because of safety software and technology. Your phone and laptop recognise your face or fingerprint and only unlock for you. National security is also safeguarded by technological advancements. 


With the invention of Google and smartphones, we have instant access to information in the palms of our hands. Information on literally everything is available to us. Our work productivity and efficiency have increased with the development of technology.

With the necessary information at hand, we can make more informed decisions. It’s easier to share and store information with each other with the technology we have at our disposal. Technology is used to gather real-time information for warning systems regarding natural disasters. First responders can be properly prepared to offer aid to those in need. Search and rescue missions are aided using robots and drones.  


Healthcare technology and medicinal developments have expanded our life expectancies by many years. New medicines, vaccines, and medical procedures that treat diseases are developed and researched each day.

Hospital equipment and systems are continuously upgraded to give patients, paramedics, doctors, and scientists the best chances and assistance. Smartphones and smartwatches can help you to keep track of your health with the use of apps and tools.

Fitness and mental health are also increased with technological help. Healthcare and wellness have become more efficient with the advancement of technology. Technology has made it easier to treat underdeveloped communities and suffering countries.  


Using apps and their services, we can order food and groceries online and have them delivered to our doorsteps in less than an hour. Technology can be used to genetically engineer crops and enhance farming processes.

Food production is cleaner and more environmentally friendly, meaning that more food can be produced at a cheaper rate. This can help to solve poverty in poor countries around the world. Technological enhancement has led to smart farming methods that work faster and more efficiently while producing fewer greenhouse gases.  


Teaching is made easier because technology helps educators to connect with their students on a better level. Access to information helps teachers to stay better informed and to present classes more effectively.

Cheap and free courses are available online and offer better access to tertiary-level education for everyone. Opportunities for learning increased with access to the internet and technology, meaning that fewer people are illiterate.  


Technology helps people with disabilities to live more independently. Assisting technology is available to help these people with everyday tasks and functions. In-class technology makes it easier for disabled students to have access to education.

With virtual communication technology at our disposal, it’s possible for disabled people to work from home and secure an income. A lot of physical barriers are removed with the evolution of technology. Disabled children can receive an education.

People with disabilities can become part of society because technology provides them with the means to communicate.  


This article helps us to understand how technology is helping us to solve problems and to build a better tomorrow. The few methods mentioned include energy and the environment, communication, transport, safety, healthcare, food, information, education, and accessibility.

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