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Amazon Deepens Prescription Options with RxPass for Prime Members

Amazon has launched RxPass, a subscription for Prime members that offers select generic medications with free delivery for a flat fee of $5 per month. The service, which doesn’t require health insurance, currently covers medications for 80 common conditions, including high blood pressure, anxiety and acid reflux.

RxPass was designed to save time for Amazon Prime customers while deepening Amazon’s presence in the pharmaceutical space. Prime members can add the service to their account through Amazon Pharmacy using the website or app, with the option to cancel at any time.

Amazon Pharmacy also has pharmacists on hand 24/7 to discuss medications or coordinate with doctors. Nearly 50% of adults take at least two medications per day, and the retailer estimates that 150 million Americans take one or more of the items available through RxPass.

“Over the last decade as a practicing pulmonologist, I have seen patients with chronic diseases struggle to get access to the basic medications they need to live their lives well,” said Vin Gupta, Chief Medical Officer at Amazon Pharmacy in a statement. “Navigating insurance can be a maze and getting to the pharmacy a burden. Sometimes that has led to poor outcomes: New medications don’t get filled, refills don’t get picked up, and patients suffer. Aspects of our health care system make what should be easy, difficult. It’s why I feel so fortunate to be a part of the change that Amazon Pharmacy is helping to bring to this space.”

Amazon Pharmacy launched its first subscription in June 2021, shortly after Walmart launched its own Rx service for Walmart+ members. At the time, Amazon Pharmacy offered six-month prescriptions to select medications for as low as $6 each, as opposed to the flat rate being provided by RxPass.

Amazon also pushed further into medtail with the acquisition of One Medical in July 2022 for $3.9 billion. The company complements Amazon’s delivery capabilities by offering a combination of in-person sites as well as digital and virtual care services.

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