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A “Glass Half Full” Approach to Changing Alcohol Laws and Consumer Behaviors

Keeping up with evolving consumer trends is challenging enough in normal times, many industries in recent years have seen significant shifts toward eCommerce. During my own shift to rapidly spending more time at home, it was convenient enough for me to order resistance bands so I could work out in my tiny apartment, or a ring light for better lighting during my dramatic increase in Zoom calls, but what if I wanted a freshly made margarita? 

Luckily, for margarita megafans like myself, many states adopted laws allowing for the sale and service of to-go cocktails and drinks. During the height of the pandemic, to-go cocktails and drinks were allowed in 39 states. What was meant to be a temporary order to help local businesses keep their lights on, was so popular with consumers that 18 states and counting have adopted the measures full-time.

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