Last week we released the first batch of Steve’s predictions. This week we conclude with six more, centering on how “hybridization” will steal the crown from omni-channel, how trading-down (in product and format) will define the year, the likelihood that big consumer credit troubles emerge, why strong balance sheets reign supreme, how the Metaverse is still not ready for its close up, while AI just might be. We wrap up with three bonus long-shot prognostications (aka “wild ass guesses”) involving a Nike acquisition, bold moves at Whole Foods, and a blockbuster merger among struggling department stores.

But first we kick off with our hot takes on the week in retail news, including the US Census Bureau monthly sales report, how the National Retail Federation did with its holiday forecast, and some encouraging signs of inflation moderation. Then we turn our attention to Nordstrom’s earnings warning amid continuing troubles at its Rack division. 

We also dig into the potential impacts of big layoffs at Alphabet, Microsoft, Wayfair and more, before wondering whether some brands’ (Gap, Peloton, Rent the Runway) decision to sell on Amazon smacks of desperation or of genius.

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