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Last Week’s Top Stories

In a week overshadowed by the GameStop story, there were still a handful of stories that we think everyone will be talking about. We bring you the top stories from last week with the Editor’s Choice, curated by RetailWit.com

1. Path to Purchase shared the results of their annual survey, and one big takeaway for us was that Target and Kroger tied as the retailers who were the most collaborative during the pandemic.

2. Likely as a result of many brands and companies avoiding advertising on the platform, facebook is taking new steps to ensure brand safety.

3. A solid dive into the challenges facing Instacart after a tumultuous 2020 by Chloe Sorvino at Forbes

4. Path to Purchase also shared their trends report, definitely worth a deep dive when you have time, shows that Kroger Precision Marketing has taken the lead – albeit a slim one…

5. Southeastern Groceries announces and then cancels their IPO, could there be some bigger news coming in the next few weeks?

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